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Choosing the Right Skip Size For Your House Clearance

Is Hiring a Skip Better Than Trips to the Tip?

Clearing a house is one thing, but once everything is out of the property, you’ll need to dispose of it. That’s where skips come in. Fast, efficient and hassle-free, they could save you countless hours of lugging bin bags to the local tip, making an unenviable task that much easier.

But how do you know which size of skip to hire? With so many options available, this can seem like a tough choice… but in reality, once you know how much each size of skip can hold in real terms, choosing the right size is pretty simple.

That’s precisely what we’re looking at in this article – read on for a quick guide to the most common skip sizes and how much can be stored inside them.

Popular skip sizes

Clearing a smaller property? You might be just fine with a compact 2 or 4 yard skip, the two most affordable options available here in the UK. To give you an idea of how much they can accommodate, a 2 yard skip can house approximately 20-30 full bin bags, while its 4 yard counterpart can house roughly double that – as you’d expect.

Commonly referred to as small builders’ skips, 6 yard skips are one of the UK’s most popular sizes. They can store in the region of 60 full bin bags of waste, while 8 yard skips – the single most common size in Britain – can house in the region of 80 bags.

Noticing a running theme here? Each ‘yard’ of a skip can accommodate roughly 10 bin bags of waste. So, a 10 yard skip, by extension, could be used to dispose of 100 bags in one go.

Choosing the right size

Although it can be hard to estimate which size of skip you’ll need before you start the house clearance, this should become clearer as you progress through the job. How many bin bags of waste are there per room? If you can work out an average, you should then be able to hire a skip that’s a suitable size. If you’re still not sure, it may be worth opting for a slightly larger skip to be on the safe side – at least then you’ll be confident you’ll have enough room to see the job through.

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