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Don’t have a driveway? You can still hire a skip

If you don’t have a driveway but have plenty of building waste to remove, you may wonder whether you can still hire a skip. Or, whether you’ll need to take several trips to the tip. In this guide, we’ll review your options and provide straightforward answers to your questions.

Can I put a skip on a shared driveway?

Yes. You can put a skip on a shared driveway. That being said, if your neighbours are home when you have the skip, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not blocking access to their home or parking space.

It’s up to you whether you want to let them know ahead of time about your waste removal project. But, if you want to stay on good terms with the neighbours, it’s best not to leave them in the dark, or to stray onto their side of the driveway. If you’re on good terms with them or know they’ll be away from home, then by all means, place the skip wherever you fancy – the driveway is free for the taking.

Can you put a skip outside someone else’s house?

No. You are not allowed to place a skip onto someone else’s personal property unless you have their permission. You’d probably be confused and angry if a stranger’s skip wound up on your drive, after all.

What about if you’re placing it on a public road, rather than personal property?

You could find that you need to place a skip on a public road, which could be in front of someone else’s property. As long as you are not blocking their drive or placing it anywhere on their territory, you are allowed to do this. You will however, need a permit to place a skip on the side of a road. It’s also polite to notify the homeowner ahead of time.

How can I get a permit?

To get a permit for roadside skip hire, you should contact your local council. Don’t want the fuss of contacting your council? Ely Skip Hire can get your permit sorted for you!

Get your waste removal project underway today. If you’re after great skip hire in St Ives, Littleport or Downham Market, look no further than Ely Skip Hire. We are registered waste carriers and recycle 95% of waste. Contact our team for more information or book your skip online now.

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