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How to Reduce your Construction Waste

How to Reduce your Construction Waste: 7 Simple Ideas

The construction and building industry produces a third of the UK’s waste. Around 85% of the waste is reused, recycled or sent to be recycled for renewal energy.

However more than 12 million tonnes of construction waste is still sent to landfill sites. This also includes over 10 million tonnes of soil and hardcore.

Climate change is greatly affected by solid waste that ends up in landfill. In fact, it contributes to 20% of human-driven methane emissions, due to the decaying process.

The discussion of trying to achieve a net zero carbon emission planet is still something that has been spoken about for years. There’s still debate if the target could be reached, due to landfills. It’s certainly an expansive question.

How can businesses reduce their waste and carbon footprint?

Don’t over order on skips

There are countless skips that arrive into our waste transfer site with unused material. Usually, these come from big sites with a budget going into 6-7 number budgets. Yes, bulk ordering does provide its benefits as you’ll be rewarded a discounted price, however it won’t save you money in the long-run.

Return faulty materials

If building materials cannot be used as they are faulty, they should be returned to the merchant or seller, rather than placed in a skip.

Choose cardboard packaging over plastic

Packaging will end up in the landfill, especially plastic. Opt for a manufacturer that doesn’t wrap all their materials in plastic. Choose one that uses cardboard instead. It can be recycled and reused, helping to reduce the carbon footprint. It’s also cheaper for the waste disposal company.

Timing is everything

Ensure the materials are being delivered in accordance with the time-frame of the building project. Paint, bags of gypsum, cement and various other materials can suffer when exposed to the elements or certain weather conditions. This spoils the product. So, ultimately you end up disposing of the spoiled materials and re-order. This increases the amount of avoidable waste leaving your site.

Waste segregation

If you have the room and the budget allowance, order skips for specific waste, i.e wood, metal and hardcore. If you have metal, this can be recycled by taking it to a scrap merchant, which will also help you to earn money off the waste.

Keep quality off-cuts

Make allowance to keep quality off-cuts of materials that could be used in the future, purchase high quality materials that go further or have a better function for the job you’re carrying out.

Skip loading knowhow

Having an understanding to load a skip will reduce the number of skips needed, saving you money on construction projects. Loading a skip properly and using the skip’s complete capacity will save trips, reducing your carbon footprint.

Looking to hire a skip from a company that recycles most of your waste?

Get your no-obligation skip hire quote from Ely Skip Hire. We regularly serve construction companies in Cambridge, St Ives, Littleport, Downham Market and the surrounding areas. We recycle up to 95% of waste from these companies to help reduce carbon emissions.


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