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Never choose the wrong skip size again with this ultimate guide

Never choose the wrong skip size again with this ultimate guide

The skip size you need will greatly depend on what you need it for. However, with so many shapes and sizes out there, it can be easy to get it wrong! This handy skip size guide will help you choose the best-sized skip to suit your requirements. If you’re looking for skip hire in Cambridge, look no further than Ely Skip Hire for affordable skip rental near you.

How do you know what size skip you need?

To help you pick the right-sized skip for your project, we’ve created a table with different skip sizes – and what you can use them for.

 Skip Size

What Does It Fit?

 2-yard skip

 Sometimes called a mini skip, 2-yard skips are perfect for home and garden clearances when you don’t fancy the hassle of driving to the recycling centre.

 Waste capacity: 2 tonnes or 20 full bin bags

 3-yard skip

 Still smaller than a traditional builder’s skip, a 3-yard skip will help you get rid of a fair bit of unwanted household and garden waste.

 Waste capacity: 3 tonnes or 25-30 full bin bags

 4-yard skip

 If you’re planning to refit your kitchen or bathroom – or have a large-scale clear-out – a 4-yard skip will be the perfect size.

Waste capacity: 4 tonnes of waste or 30-40 full bin bags

 6-yard skip

‘Small builder skips’ or 6-yard skips are ideal for small home renovation and landscaping projects. They’re also the largest skip size that can be filled completely with heavy  waste e.g. soil waste and brick.

Waste capacity: 6 tonnes of heavy waste or approximately 50-60 full bin bags

 8-yard skip or ‘builder skips’

There’s a reason 8-yard skips are the most popular skip size in the UK. They’re perfect for both residential and trade use, including refits, larger landscaping projects, commercial waste management and industrial waste.

Waste capacity: 8 tonnes of bulky waste or 80 full bin bags

 10-yard skip

Able to handle moderate amounts of light waste, a 10-yard skip can accommodate waste from small-scale construction work as well as items like appliances and furniture. It’s why so many people choose this skip size for office clear-outs and retail store refurbishments.

Waste capacity: 100 full bin bags (light waste only)

 12-yard skip

If you’re dealing with a sizeable amount of waste from a domestic project or commercial application, you need a 12-yard skip to dispose of any excess metal, plastic, and timber. This also goes for big home clear-outs, like if you’re throwing out a double bed and mattress.

Waste capacity: 120 full bin bags (light waste only)

 16-yard skip

The substantial capacity of 16-yard skips makes them ideal for large-scale construction work, home renovation projects and commercial clear-outs.

Waste capacity: 160 full bin bags (light waste only)


Projects come in all shapes and sizes – so why shouldn’t skips? Simplify the waste disposal process with Ely Skip Hire today.

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