How Do I Dispose of the Items I Can’t Put in Skips?

Although there’s an almost limitless list of materials and items that can be thrown in a skip there’s a small number of things that can’t as they need to be disposed of in a certain way. Below is a list of items that can’t be placed in a skip along with a number of ways you can dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way:

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In line with current legislation, car batteries are not counted as household waster and therefore cannot be disposed of in landfill sites without going through an extensive clean up process. However there are a number of garages, recycling centres and scrap metal facilities that will take car batteries. Find your nearest hazardous waste disposal service here.


Every year the UK produces 55 million waste tyres, if these aren’t properly recycled or disposed of safely this can harm the environment and also lead to fly tipping within communities. A prominent problem that both police and councils are currently having to deal with is criminals charging people to collect waste tyres and then illegally dumping them, posing serious fire risks and pollution. Wherever you take your old tyres please make sure they’re professional and reputable.

There are a number of places that will take used tyres including recycling centres and tyre suppliers. If you’re getting new tyres fitted to your car, always check if the garage or shop will take your old tyres away for you. Another option is to check with your local boatyard or go-cart track as they may be able to use them as buffers.


Computer monitors are considered as hazardous waster and therefore need to be disposed of in a certain way. Similar to car batteries, you can check if your local recycling centre accepts car monitors. Many manufacturers and retailers offer a take-back service or trade-in option so it’s worth getting in touch with the the company you purchased from. You can also donate your computer to charity, but again check with your chosen charity that they accept computer equipment.


Fluorescent tubes contain small levels of mercury which, if the tubes are broken, release toxic vapours into the environment, therefore it’s paramount that they are disposed of correctly. In this situation the best option is to contact your local council and find out what there policies and processes there are regarding the safe disposal of this type of lighting.


Both fridges and freezers contain a concoction of dangerous chemicals and gases that are harmful to people as well as the environment. Legislation states that all ozone-depleting substances (ODS) must be removed from appliances before they’re recycled or disposed of. Anyone found not disposing of these items correctly can be prosecuted and handed a fine of up to £2,500.

With this in mind your first port of call should be to contact your local council who may well offer a collection service, failing that you can check with your local waste disposal unit. You can also apply for a special collection of large waste items through GOV.UK, this covers large items such as fridges, freezers and washing machines.


Gas cylinders can be completely recycled, any product remaining inside the bottle can be recovered and compressed, the valve can be used again or recycled for its metal value, the remainder of the bottle is made from steel and can also be recycled.

Gas cylinders can normally be taken to your local authority who will recycle them for you, most gas suppliers will also be happy to take them off your hands as they can reuse them.


TVs contain toxic chemicals such as lead and mercury and can only be disposed of in a certain way, sending them to landfill can be very damaging to the environment. Again your local authority and recycling centres may well be able to take these for you providing they are an authorised WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) treatment facility.

If your TV is still in full working order than you could consider donating it to charity or using Freecycleand giving it to someone who could benefit from your old television.


Strictly no Plasterboard in our skips in accordance with new regulations.

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