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Ordering a skip? Here are key things you need to consider

Ordering a skip is easy to do; you pick up the phone, give details, provide payment and then await the delivery of your skip. However, there are more things to take into consideration, such as safety precautions, making things easier for the lorry driver and how to use the skip in a compliant manner.

Things to consider

If you need to order a skip, there are several things that you need to consider. These include:

  • A clearance of 10 feet for our 18 tonne lorries and 8 feet for our smaller lorries. 
  • Avoid placing it on soft, wet areas as this can cause lorries to sink especially when picking up heavy skips.
  • Ensure no neighbours have left their cars, which may restrict access. 
  • On the day of delivery, keep pets and children inside the property, we always advise to give clear instructions to the driver on where you want the skip to be placed.  
  • Before it arrives, ensure the area is clean of rubbish and obstacles, it’s always a sensible approach to check the width of the entrance to your property.

If the skip is to be placed on the road, you will require a permit which we can arrange at an additional cost as these have to be approved by a team at your local government authority. 

Safety precautions

When loading the skip, it’s a better approach to place the heaviest things in first to ensure there is no subsidence when picking up the skip, this is because when lifting the skip it could swing if there is a transfer of weight. This is considered a health hazard and again could cause potential damage to the property and surroundings. 

Hazardous wastes will be found if placed in a skip they could be returned to the address or extra charges will be applied and sometimes labour costs. There is a list that we provide that you can read to ensure you do not place any prohibited items in the skips provided.  

It’s important to remember that not all materials can be placed in a skip. Hazardous waste will need to be disposed of by other means.

There are also some items which need to be disposed of separately, such as plasterboard. If you’re unsure what can and can’t be put in the skip, we’re more than happy to offer guidance.

Overfilling the skip, going past the full line

We ask everyone to ensure the skips are not going past the full mark. It’s a safety hazard, as well as being illegal as there is a risk of waste coming off the back of the skip, potentially causing an accident.

If you’re filling quicker than anticipated and you’re going to have extra waste to dispose of, you can always order another skip.

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